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How can your brand engage with a young demographic?

We have recently launched our game ‘Coffin Dodgers’ on Kickstarter and have some amazing rewards available to businesses.

We have over 70 in-game high street shops that are available to buy and brand for just £1800! 

This is how an in-game shop would look before branding

…and this is how we could modify that same in-game shop and get your brand noticed

In-game view showing a row of shops before branding

That same view transformed to put your brand in front of the gaming audience

The When & The Why

• We expect each shop to been seen by one player in the game on average 200 times over the games lifespan (200 impressions per player).

• We expect to each shop to seen over 1 million times in year 1 (1 million impressions per year)

• Brands can purchase multiple shops in the game to increase impressions.

• We expect over the games life span that the branded shop will be seen over 20 million times.

• The shop will remain branded for the duration of the games life span.

• Shops will not be interactive or subject to any damage i.e. Wont explode and you cant crash into them or cause any destruction.

• Extremely cost efficient at just 0.18p per impression

• This is a great way to increase brand awareness and relate a brand to a young demographic.

The Who & The Where 

• The player demographic of the game is predominately English speaking males ages 18- 28 in the UK, Europe and US.

• Each shop will be placed in the most visible positions for the player to see on screen.

• The game will initially be going live on the Steam PC, MAC & Linux gaming platform. With possible future roll outs for iOS, Android,  Play Station VITA and Play Station 4.

Stats estimated from projected figures

To find out more please visit our kickstarter page here or contact us directly at