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Getting EEF’s Message Across with Animation

Milky Tea recently completed work on an animated internal communications project for UK manufacturers’ organisation, EEF.

Working alongside EEF Marketing Director Jo Britton, we developed a four-minute animation featuring a series of bespoke characters based at EEF locations around the country. The piece promoted the important roles that each of the departments undertake within the organisation.  Based around the initial concept of taking the viewer on a journey, our creative team replicated EEF locations to forge immediate staff association with the tasks undertaken at each site.  The voice -over reinforced the messages with key facts provided by EEF. Designed simply, the series of characters offered each of the viewers an easily identifiable figure from EEF workforce that they could quickly relate to. By taking the viewer on a visual journey around the company, we were able to create content that is both informative and easily digestible while retaining a playful edge.

The animation was delivered to 400 staff across EEF’s 12 UK offices as part of a series of events, which were designed to enable EEF employees to appreciate the full breadth and depth of the organisation’s capability.  These events in turn ensured employees were able to identify new business opportunities that they could refer to their colleagues.

To supplement the animation, we were also commissioned to create training aids which included a set of posters and ‘Top Trump’ style fact cards for every EEF employee to take away– all designed in the style of the animation branding. EEF Marketing Director Jo Britton said:  “Working with the talented team at Milky Tea has enabled us to deliver a number of complex messages in a contemporary and engaging way which went down really well across the organisation.  And it’s been great fun in the process! Importantly, we’re seeing some real returns with new business being generated as a result.”       Producer Neil Penlington said: “It has been a great privilege to liaise closely with EEF on both the internal animation and lead generation projects.  The development of the communication-based content has provided an insight into the role of a key organisation within the UK and the importance of their role in UK Manufacturing.”

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