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Dream, Imagine, Sketch: How to Hatch a Great Character Design

Welcome to the first in a series of blog posts which highlight the many skills our talented staff harbour here at Milky Tea, some of which you’ll know, some of which you might be surprised by!

The studio’s character development skills are what put Milky Tea on the map. Our artists’ incredible attention to detail and ability to pump personality and life into our characters’ veins have given our studio worldwide notoriety, from our acclaimed characters for Lloyds TSB’s ‘For the Journey‘ campaign through to our in-house creations. But all of our well-known characters start with a sketch. Our team mine their imaginations for weird and wonderful characters to fit the client’s brief, adding in their ideas with each iteration.

Brands and clients use our characters to bring a personal and memorable quality to their campaigns. We work alongside them to create characters which personify how they feel about their brand or the story they’re trying to tell. Sometimes our characters are used to tell complex messages quickly, sometimes they’re used for pure unadulterated fun. After we show our clients the initial concepts, we work with them to tailor and fine tune our creations, making sure that we’re making a character which will fit the bill across multiple platforms.

Our artists are well versed in bringing ideas and imagination to life. Our design process takes the character through many different guises, working with clients to hone everything from the way a character holds their shoulders to the colour of their socks. We create full rounded characters which tell a story in a single frame, we create characters with character which resonate with their target market.

Next week, we’ll be taking a closer look at UI Design and showing you some of the wonderful work we’ve created in the last year. Till then, we leave you with more of our sketch work…

 For more information on our character development skills, get in touch! Speak to our producer, Susannah Howard by emailing or call 0845 003 8159 and have a chat!