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Driving The Message: New Work For Toyota Motor Europe

Milky Tea have recently had the pleasure of working with Saatchi & Saatchi Design on their latest campaign for automotive behemoths, Toyota. Milky Tea completed a series of bespoke animations for Toyota’s European websites. 

Titled, ‘Reasons To Own A Toyota‘, we were tasked with crafting five animations, each giving a visual representation of five key benefits of owning a Toyota: Environment, Quality, Warranty, Service and Finance.

After being provided with a brief and storyboard, the Milky Tea artists evolved the concept, with the brand eventually deciding upon a digital cut-out style of animation. Creating all of the featured assets, the instantly likeable characters were brought to life by our animators, adding personality and a light-hearted feel to topics which are usually anything but. Focusing on conveying the core message of each of the five reasons in the most powerful and effective way, our animators ensured we maintained the right tone throughout, adding a little Milky Tea magic along the way!

“The project was a genuine delight,” explains Milky Tea Produducer, Susannah Howard. “We worked very closely with Saatchi & Saatchi Design to create animations that were visually appealing and would convey clear messages to the consumer. The characters are charming and the style of the animations work perfectly with the brand.”

The warm, side-scrolling adventures are currently featured on the Toyota-Europe website, accompanied by informative text which outlines the ease of owning a Toyota.

To find out how our animation skills could be of use for your latest campaign, email us on or contact our ProducerSusannah Howard on 0845 003 8159.

Credits:Client: Toyota Motor Europe
Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi Design
Music composer: Don Bodin