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When Milky Tea Met Lloyds TSB…

When we started our relationship with Lloyds TSB back in 2007, things looked a little different to the style you’ll now be well acquainted with. 

The bank’s long-standing ‘For The Journey‘ campaign is one of the UK’s most instantly recognisable,  mainly due to the striking character style which has been emulated by brands across the world. The UK audience have welcomed the wirey, long-nosed creations into their homes for over seven years, but when Milky Tea created their first samples for the bank, the style had much more of a retro feel.

The picture above is one of the first ever samples that we created for Lloyds. Back in 2007, Lloyds characters had smaller eyes. The arms and legs had bendy knees and elbows instead of proper joints and the colour palette as a whole was a lot more muted.

Milky Tea have helped to nurture and grow the campaign, shaping the look and feel of the characters and evolving the quirky and wonderful world.  Now making over 70% of the artwork, it’s been an important part of our journey too.

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