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Creating Memorable Moments

While we’re renowned for our character skills across the world, we don’t think that’s where our true talent lies. Though our characters may be instantly recognizable, they are brought to life by our artist’s uncanny knack of capturing a moment.

Much like the output of talented photographers, capturing the essence of a scene is equally essential to a good CG image. All the shading, lighting and artistry in the world can’t capture what isn’t there. You’ll know yourself from the rare photographs in your collection which manage to lock a myriad of happenings and emotions  into one image, the is occasion preserved forever for all to see.

Milky Tea CEO and Founder Jon Holmes explains: “I was always told that great illustrations and animations should tell you what’s going on without any sound or dialog. It’s the essence of capturing and communicating a moment. Our job isn’t just creating breathtaking artwork its crafting all those little details that create an emotional response in the viewer.”

When we create our characters,we aim to communicate more than just a personality, we expect you to be able to read the moments before and after from just one frame. We believe that capturing moments is what we do best.

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