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Crafting and Animating Game Assets: Jacob Jones and the Bigfoot Mystery

With the new title from Liverpool-based Lucid Games, Jacob Jones and the Bigfoot Mystery launching to massive fanfare this week, we take a look at Milky Tea’s involvement in the episodic adventure set to take iOS and PS VITA by storm. 

Devised by the team at Lucid and written by the BAFTA nominated scribe, George Poles; Jacob Jones and his adventures at Camp Eagle Feather look set to capture the hearts and minds of gamers everywhere this summer.

(One of Lucid’s early designs for Jacob)

(Jacob Wireframe Model)

Filled with exciting escapades and head-scratchingly tricky puzzles, the player joins Jacob and his new friend, Biggie on a quest to find out what’s really going on behind the scenes during his summer vacation.

We’ve watched with interest as our neighbours, Lucid have crafted their latest game and had the pleasure of lending our skills to the title. Our artists modelled and textured each of the characters from the game, bringing to life Lucid’s 2D sketches of the intriguing world’s inhabitants. Lucid wanted the characters to have a ‘vinyl toy’ quality, to compliment the cardboard game environment and our artists were happy to oblige.

(Jacob Grey Scale Model)

(Colour Jacob Model)

We also shared animation responsibilities with Lucid, animating 15 of the game’s characters, including protagonists Jacob and Biggie. While we fully expect you to download the game immediately and take a look yourself,  the video above shows a series of turntables for you to take in a bit more of the characters modelled and animated by Milky Tea in all their glory.

(animating Jacob)

(Jacob Jones – Final)

Lucid Games Co-Founder Nick Davies said: “We formed a great relationship with the brilliant team of modellers and animators at Milky Tea to bring the characters from Jacob Jones and the Bigfoot Mystery to life. Working closely with our Art Director they were able to take his vision and concepts and transform them into the fully realised and animated 3D models that you see in the game. Being able to collaborate so closely with such a talented team from our home city has been a great experience and we can’t wait to see what they deliver for the remaining episodes.”

(Jacob Jones Trailer)

Milky Tea Founder and CEO Jon Homes said: “It’s been fantastic to work with our friends and neighbours, Lucid. More than anything, we are really proud to have helped bring to life their brilliant idea for a game. When we saw the idea more than 18 months ago, we knew it was something very special.

“In terms of us working together, it couldn’t have gone any smoother. Staff from both studios used to work together at Bizarre Creations, so instantly knew each other’s processes. Also being in close proximity to each other meant the two teams could assemble quick scrums to discuss issues and ideas. I think the future of game development should be more like this, and could take inspiration from the film industry where teams are assembled based on their skills to deliver a specific production.

“I really don’t understand why we don’t do more of this in Liverpool where we have so much talent in such close proximity. I predict outsourcing to eastern suppliers will be used less in future, and instead games companies will look for high quality, versatile suppliers based closer to home.

Staff from both studios used to work together at Bizarre Creations

“One of the big things we are trying to encourage in all of our work, from game development to advertising, is great storytelling and characters. I think Jacob Jones does this tremendously and is definitely a new kind of experience on Vita and iPhone. I cant wait to play the final version and will be downloading it to play this weekend!”

(Jacob and Biggie in-game)

Milky Tea Assistant Art Director Chris Cragg said: “Working on Jacob Jones has been a great experience for everyone involved at Milky TeaLucid have created a fantastic world with brilliant and fun characters that have been a pleasure to help bring to life in 3D.

“Working with a top studio like Lucid who had such a great vision for the project and years of expertise made the whole process straight forward and enjoyable. Looking forward to working on the next episode!”

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