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Animated Stings Launch Edinburgh Fringe With A Bang

Milky Tea have had the pleasure of working with Edinburgh-based creative agency, Whitespace on the Edinburgh Festival Fringe’s forthcoming promotional campaign. Milky Tea created a series of shorts for the ‘Enjoy Every Second’ campaign, set to be shared on the brand’s social media channels in the run up to the prestigious event.

We were briefed to create a suite of animations which conveyed the myriad of emotions people feel while at the event, currently the world’s largest arts festival. The first in the series, ‘Burst With Excitement’ has already launched on the long-standing brand’s Facebook page, immediately provoking a reaction similar to its title! The second in the series, ‘Feel Out of This World‘ launched on Facebook this week, with many more to follow in the coming weeks.

Working with Whitespace to finalise the concepts and storyboards, Milky Tea then went on to create the rough animatics. Our team created a 3D model of the central character, the ubiquitous ‘F’, as well as the plasticine-like texture.  The inspiration for the F’s appearance stems from the festival’s branding.  Our animators then set about animating the collection of stings, set to launch in the coming weeks.   Be prepared to see lots of this character over the coming weeks, as social media goes wild with the animated shorts. We’ll keep you posted as they appear! For more information on the festival, visit or the official Facebook page.

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