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Roller Rally Launches on Android!

We’re excited to announce the Android launch of debut gaming title, ‘Roller Rally: Snake Pass’, as well as a five-level update for iOS gamers!

After a successful iOS launch late last year which saw us featured by the App Store in 155 countries, our debut game is now available from Google Play,  the Amazon App Store and will soon be available for Nook users, from Barnes and Noble. A fast-paced, 2D, side-scrolling adventure, players must complete 20 obstacle laden levels, swinging, jumping and gliding their way to first place against three other mad-cap characters.

iOS players who completed Snake Pass saw the characters board a boat after completing the final stage. The update continues the adventure, transporting the players to another land of Molten Mayhem! With lava, temples, jungles and more, the new, never seen before levels are not for the faint hearted. Android players don’t need to wait for the update, with the full 20-levels available with the first download.

The game has been enjoyable journey for the Milky Tea Play team, who have already started work on their next title. Expected in spring, the team will utilise all the expertise gleaned to marry Milky Tea magic with great gameplay.

You can download the game from the following establishments:

Google Play:

Amazon App store:

iTunes App Store:

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